Riphagen the Untouchable (Riphagen) 6 years old

Riphagen the Untouchable

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1944, during World War II. Andries Riphagen, a powerful underworld boss, has made his fortune by putting his many criminal talents at the service of the Nazi occupiers. But the long battle is about to end and the freedom fighters, who have been persecuted and murdered for years, are abandoning their hideouts to mercilessly hunt down those who have collaborated with the killers.


Riphagen the Untouchable Cast

Name Character
Mark Rietman He was 55, now 62 years old as Louis Einthoven
Anna Raadsveld She was 26, now 32 years old as Betje Wery
Peter Blok He was 56, now 62 years old as Gert van der Veen
Huub Smit He was 38, now 45 years old as Toon Kuijper
Guido Pollemans He was 39, now 46 years old as Harry Rond
Sieger Sloot He was 38, now 45 years old as Frits Kerkhoven
Lukas Dijkema He was 62, now 68 years old as Barman stamcafé
Michel Sluysmans He was 37, now 43 years old as Wim Sanders
Micha Hulshof He was 37, now 43 years old as Albert Kok
Tjebbo Gerritsma He was 51, now 51 years old as Joop Out

Riphagen the Untouchable Crew

Name Department
Herman P. Koerts as Editor. Editing
Alfred Schaaf as Production Design. Art
Pieter Kuijpers as Director. He was 48 (now 54) years old Directing
Pieter Kuijpers as Creative Producer. He was 48 (now 54) years old Writing
Paul Jan Nelissen as Writer. He was 62 (now 69) years old Writing
Job Castelijn as Casting. He was 34 (now 40) years old Production
Sander van Meurs as Producer. He was 42 (now 49) years old Production
Riphagen the Untouchable poster
Riphagen the Untouchable (6 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, September 22, 2016
  • Runtime: 132 minutes
  • Budget: 2577217.00