RiffRaff 11 years old

Bong a beer. Do 50 push-ups. Welcome to The Crew.

At Chicago's North Avenue Beach, the lifeguards are the law. These ragtags will do everything in their power to make sure you don't go out past your waist. Best friends Hughie (the hopeless romantic) and Otis (the ladykiller) get caught in one love triangle after another as young vixen Maggie and tomboy May make it hard for them to keep their eyes on the water at all times. As the summer sun heats up, so does tension among the crew, and their despotic superiors make sure that's it's never just another day at the beach.


Linnea Quigley
Linnea Quigley

Cousin Julie

Chryssie Whitehead
Chryssie Whitehead

May Desmond

Robert Belushi
Robert Belushi

Otis Jay

Katie O'Hagan
Katie O'Hagan

Maggie Hartigan

Sonny Jaramilla
Sonny Jaramilla

Vic Bronze

Justen Naughton
Justen Naughton

Tobey MacNamara

All Cast

Name Character
Robert Belushi He was 28, now 40 years old as Otis Jay
Linnea Quigley She was 50, now 62 years old as Cousin Julie
Justen Naughton as Tobey MacNamara
Ben Wells He was 20, now 32 years old as Hughie McGovern
Katie O'Hagan He was 26, now 38 years old as Maggie Hartigan
Chryssie Whitehead as May Desmond
Alissa Bailey as Ellie Jarman
Sonny Jaramilla as Vic Bronze
Joe Farina as Captain Bogdanski
Kyle Lane as Rasso
Tavares Davis as Cleo


Name Department
David J. Miller as Producer. He was 178 (55) years old when He died Production
Justen Naughton as Director. Directing
Justen Naughton as Writer. Writing
John Otterbacher as Producer. Production
Kuba Zelazek as Cinematography. Crew
Matt Corrado as Unit Production Manager. Production
RiffRaff (11 years)

Bong a beer. Do 50 push-ups. Welcome to The Crew.

  • Release day: Thursday, January 01, 2009
  • Runtime: 106 minutes
  • Budget: USD 400,000.00