Retroactive 26 years old


A psychiatrist makes multiple trips through time to save a woman that was murdered by her brutal husband.


Retroactive Cast

Name Character
Sherman Howard He was 47, 70 years old when he died as Trooper
Kylie Travis She was 27, now 53 years old as Karen
Guy Boyd He was 53, now 79 years old as Bud
Shannon Whirry She was 32, now 58 years old as Rayanne
M. Emmet Walsh He was 61, now 87 years old as Sam
Frank Whaley He was 33, now 59 years old as Brian
James Belushi He was 42, now 68 years old as Frank
Roger Clinton, Jr. He was 40, now 66 years old as Truck Driver
Jesse Borrego He was 34, now 60 years old as Jesse

Retroactive Crew

Name Department
Brad Krevoy as Producer. He was 3 (now 23) years old Production
David Bixler as Producer. Production
Louis Morneau as Director. He was 3 (now 23) years old Directing
Robert Strauss as Screenplay. He was 83 (61) years old when He died Writing
Phillip Badger as Screenplay. Writing
Michael Nadeau as Producer. Production
Michael Hamilton-Wright as Screenplay. Writing
Tim Truman as Music. Sound
Retroactive poster
Retroactive (26 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, January 01, 1997
  • Runtime: 91 minutes