Red: Werewolf Hunter 12 years old

Red: Werewolf Hunter

The modern-day descendant of Little Red Riding Hood brings her fiancé home to meet her family and reveal their occupation as werewolf hunters, but after he is bitten by a werewolf, she must protect him from her own family.


Red: Werewolf Hunter Cast

Name Character
Rosemary Dunsmore She was 57, now 69 years old as Grandmother Sullivan
Stephen McHattie He was 63, now 75 years old as Gabriel
Felicia Day She was 31, now 43 years old as Virginia Sullivan
Dmitry Chepovetsky He was 40, now 52 years old as Driver
Kavan Smith He was 40, now 52 years old as Nathan Kessler
Kevin Power He was 29, now 41 years old as Male Wolf
Andelle Posival as Teenage Girl #2
Robert Nolan He was 57, now 69 years old as Middle Age Man
Michael Luckett as Teenage Boy
Carlyn Burchell as Lyra
Victoria Robertson as Red (child)
Scott Hilton as Mystery Driver
David Reale He was 13, now 25 years old as Jake Sullivan
Greg Bryk He was 38, now 50 years old as Marcus Sullivan

Red: Werewolf Hunter Crew

Name Department
Russ Goozee as Director of Photography. Camera
Sheldon Wilson as Director. Directing
Angela Mancuso as Original Story. Writing
Brook Durham as Teleplay. Writing
Stacey Hersh as Original Music Composer. Sound
Red: Werewolf Hunter poster
Red: Werewolf Hunter (12 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, October 30, 2010
  • Runtime: 88 minutes