Rebellion (L'Ordre et la Morale) 10 years old


April 1988, Ouvéa Island, New Caledonia. 30 gendarmes are taken hostage by a group of Kanak freedom fighters. 300 soldiers are sent from France to re-establish order. 2 men confront each other: Philippe Legorjus, chief of the terrorist squad, and Alphonse Dianou, head of the kidnappers. Through their shared values, they will attempt to make discussion triumph. But, in the middle of a presidential election, when the stakes are political, order isn't always dictated by morality. A violent and troubling epic that marks the return of Mathieu Kassovitz in front and behind the camera.


Rebellion Cast

Name Character
Mathieu Kassovitz He was 44, now 54 years old as Philippe Legorjus
Malik Zidi He was 36, now 47 years old as JP Perrot
Sylvie Testud She was 40, now 51 years old as Chantal Legorjus
Patrick Fierry He was 58, now 68 years old as Colonel de l'armée Dubut
Daniel Martín He was 30, 28 years old when he died as Bernard Pons
Philippe Torreton He was 46, now 56 years old as Christian Prouteau
Alexandre Steiger He was 35, now 45 years old as Jean Bianconi
Jean-Philippe Puymartin He was 51, now 62 years old as Général de Gendarmerie Jérôme
Simon-Pierre Boireau as Bernard GIGN
Iabe Lapacas He was 29, now 39 years old as Alphonse Dianou
Mathieu Lardier as Mathieu GIGN

Rebellion Crew

Name Department
Klaus Badelt as Original Music Composer. He was 44 (now 55) years old Sound
Benoît Jaubert as Screenplay. He was 43 (now 53) years old Writing
Pierre Geller as Screenplay. He was 61 (now 72) years old Writing
Marc Koninckx as Director of Photography. He was 58 (now 69) years old Camera
Rebellion poster
Rebellion (10 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, November 16, 2011
  • Runtime: 136 minutes