Quick 27 years old

She's Quick. You're dead.

A female assassin named "Quick" is hired to bring in a Mafia accountant, who is under police protection. Double crossed by the mafia, she takes her hostage to California to retrieve $3M that he took before running. The mafia and Quick's untrustworthy boyfriend are on the trail.


Kevin Cooney
Kevin Cooney


Jeff Fahey
Jeff Fahey


Richard Grove
Richard Grove

Jerry Singer

Tia Carrere
Tia Carrere

Janet Sakamoto

Martin Donovan
Martin Donovan

Herschel Brewer

All Cast

Name Character
Robert Davi He was 40, now 68 years old as Matthew Davenport
Salvator Xuereb He was 27, now 55 years old as Henry
Teri Polo She was 24, now 52 years old as Quick
Richard Grove He was 38, now 66 years old as Jerry Singer
Tia Carrere She was 26, now 54 years old as Janet Sakamoto
Jeff Fahey He was 40, now 68 years old as Muncie
Kevin Cooney He was 47, now 75 years old as Schieffer
Miguel Sandoval He was 41, now 69 years old as Vargas
Martin Donovan He was 36, now 63 years old as Herschel Brewer
Brian Brophy as Store Manager
Ritchie Montgomery as Trucking Foreman
Doug McGrath He was 58, now 86 years old as Motel Deskman
Jason Tomlins as Wilmer
Don Maxwell He was 22, now 50 years old as Sheriff
Tommy Redmond Hicks He was 31, now 59 years old as Jerome
Michael McGrady He was 33, now 61 years old as Hellman
Jeff Cadiente as Bodyguard


Name Department
Rick King as Director. Directing
Geza Sinkovics as Cinematography. Crew
David Lancaster as Producer. He was 6 (now 21) years old Production
Frederick Bailey as Writer. Writing
Stan Salfas as Editor. Editing
Quick poster
Quick (27 years)

She's Quick. You're dead.

  • Release day: Monday, August 30, 1993
  • Runtime: 94 minutes