Quella chiara notte d'ottobre 53 years old

A unhappily married woman tries to find happiness with a former lover, but when they witnesses crime, it leads them down a path of self-destruction


Quella chiara notte d'ottobre Cast

Name Character
Irina Demick She was 33, 67 years old when she died
Venantino Venantini He was 39, 88 years old when he died
Anita Ekberg She was 38, 83 years old when she died as (as Anita Edberg)
Silvano Tranquilli He was 44, 71 years old when he died
Anita Strindberg She was 25, now 79 years old as Victim
Don Backy He was 30, now 84 years old
Ernesto Colli He was 29, 42 years old when he died
Antonella Murgia

Quella chiara notte d'ottobre Crew

Name Department
Massimo Franciosa as Director. He was 45 (73) years old when He died Directing
Quella chiara notte d'ottobre (53 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, January 01, 1970
  • Runtime: 91 minutes