Project Shadowchaser II 27 years old

Part Man. Part Machine. Pure Killer.

Project Shadowchaser II

Terrorists led by an android take over a nuclear plant and threaten to launch a missile at Washington. While the authorities desperately attempt to negotiate, the terrorists persue their real goal. A plant worker, her son and a tough-guy repair man have other ideas, and attempt to stop the terrorists from inside the plant.


Project Shadowchaser II Cast

Name Character
Beth Toussaint She was 32, now 59 years old as Laurie Webber
Frank Zagarino He was 43, now 71 years old as Android
Danny Keogh He was 46, 71 years old when he died as John O'Hara
Greg Latter He was 39, now 66 years old as Front Gate Guard
Todd Jensen as Joe Hutton
Gavin Hood He was 31, now 58 years old as Tieg
Ted Le Plat as Jim Clarke
Bryan Genesse He was 30, now 57 years old as Frank Meade
Jeff Fannell as Carl Reitman
Daniel Bonjour He was 13, now 40 years old as Ricky
Hal Orlandini as General McOwell
James Whyle as Granger
Robin Smith as Prine
Kimberleigh Stark as Carla

Project Shadowchaser II Crew

Name Department
Alan M. Trow as Cinematography. Crew
Christa Schamberger as Casting. Production
Stephen Edwards as Music. He was 43 (now 70) years old Sound
John Eyres as Director. Directing
John Eyres as Producer. Production
Nick Davis as Screenplay. He was 41 (now 69) years old Writing
Mark Harris as Production Design. He was 79 (82) years old when He died Art
Gregory Vanger as Producer. Production
Project Shadowchaser II poster
Project Shadowchaser II (27 years)

Part Man. Part Machine. Pure Killer.

  • Release day: Saturday, May 14, 1994
  • Runtime: 94 minutes