Porträt eines Richters 24 years old

This film is about the difference between law and justice. A national socialist is accused of having stirred up some people against foreigners. A judge has to decide whether he has done so or if his statement comes under the constitutional given freedom of speech. This is compared with a trial in the third Reich. A young woman is being accused of having a relationship with a jew. The film confronts two views of law: the judgement is only based on the current law or the judgement may be influenced by socio-political events and sense of justice.


Porträt eines Richters Cast

Name Character
Jürgen Tonkel He was 35, now 60 years old as Schweiger
Horst Sachtleben He was 67, now 92 years old as Dr. Laue
Gerd Anthoff He was 51, now 76 years old as Dr. Färber
Peter Simonischek He was 51, now 76 years old as Kemp
Michael Degen He was 66, now 90 years old as Leo Sontheimer
Alexander Duda He was 43, now 67 years old
Johanna Bittenbinder She was 41, now 65 years old
Elert Bode He was 64, now 88 years old as Dr. Römer
Franziska Walser She was 46, now 70 years old as Staatsanwältin Dr. Krüger
Robert Giggenbach He was 43, now 68 years old as Kolb

Porträt eines Richters Crew

Name Department
Norbert Kückelmann as Director. He was 68 (87) years old when He died Directing
Porträt eines Richters (24 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, June 24, 1998
  • Runtime: 90 minutes