Playing with Fire 15 years old

In This Game There Are No Rules

Beautiful, seductive rich girl Daphne gets her kicks playing mind games; finding and seducing young working-class men until she cruelly kicks them to the curb. But when she comes across handsome med student Nick, she discovers a challenge. Nick isn't so easily seduced. So Daphne and her friends set about seducing Nick's girlfriend, Heather. When things go wrong and Heather gets in a terrible accident, Daphne finds her comfortable easy world spiraling quickly out of control, and it will take all of her ability to find out who is in control of this dangerous game.


Playing with Fire Cast

Name Character
Anya Monzikova She was 23, now 38 years old as Marie
Michael Bergin He was 38, now 54 years old as Sal
Trevor Duke-Moretz He was 21, now 36 years old as Harry
Susan Anton She was 57, now 72 years old as Sandra Newell
Tom Sandoval as Miles
Kelly Albanese She was 30, now 45 years old as Daphne Hendron
Candace Moon as Heather

Playing with Fire Crew

Name Department
David DeCoteau as Director. He was 45 (now 61) years old Directing
Matthew Jason Walsh as Screenplay. He was 37 (now 52) years old Writing
Howard Wexler as Director of Photography. He was 58 (now 73) years old Camera
Danny Draven as Editor. He was 29 (now 45) years old Editing
John Schouweiler as Producer. Production
Stephen P. Jarchow as Producer. Production
Paul Colichman as Producer. He was 46 (now 61) years old Production
Playing with Fire poster
Playing with Fire (15 years)

In This Game There Are No Rules

  • Release day: Tuesday, January 01, 2008
  • Runtime: 86 minutes