Philadelphia Experiment II 30 years old

They cut a hole through time

Philadelphia Experiment II

It is several years after the events of the first movie, and David Herdeg (the survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment from the first film) and Allison (the woman from 1984 he fell in love with) have married and have a child. David awakes, in agony, to a changed world. Germany won World War II and the United States is now about to mark 50 years as a Nazi conquest.


Philadelphia Experiment II Cast

Name Character
Geoffrey Blake He was 31, now 61 years old as Logan
Gerrit Graham He was 43, now 74 years old as Dr. William Mailer / Friedrich Mahler
Brad Johnson He was 34, now 64 years old as David Herdeg
Marjean Holden She was 29, now 59 years old as Jess
David Wells He was 30, now 61 years old as Pinstripes
Cyril O'Reilly He was 35, now 66 years old as Decker
James Greene He was 66, 91 years old when he died as Professor Longstreet
Larry Cedar He was 38, now 69 years old as Hank the Controller
John Rixey Moore as General
John Christian Graas He was 11, now 41 years old as Benjamin Herdeg
Hank Stone as Gate PK
Andrew Steel as Lieutenant

Philadelphia Experiment II Crew

Name Department
Armin Ganz as Production Design. He was 45 (47) years old when He died Art
Kirk M. Petruccelli as Art Direction. He was 30 (now 61) years old Art
Frank Ceglia as Special Effects Coordinator. Crew
Don Jakoby as Characters. He was 40 (now 71) years old Writing
Mark Levinson as Producer. Production
Kevin Rock as Story. Writing
Kevin Rock as Screenplay. Writing
Wallace C. Bennett as Characters. Writing
Stephen Cornwell as Director. Directing
Nick Paine as Screenplay. Writing
Gerald Gouriet as Original Music Composer. Sound
Philadelphia Experiment II poster
Philadelphia Experiment II (30 years)

They cut a hole through time

  • Release day: Friday, November 12, 1993
  • Runtime: 97 minutes
  • Budget: 5000000.00
  • Revenue: 2970.00