Phil 4 years old

He went looking for answers in someone else’s life


A depressed dentist in mid-life crisis tries to learn why one of his happiest patients suddenly commits suicide, and a dark comedic adventure ensues.


Phil Cast

Name Character
Robert Förster He was 41, 41 years old when he died as Bing Fisk
Megan Charpentier She was 18, now 22 years old as Molly McGuire
Luke Wilson He was 47, now 52 years old as Detective Welling
Jay Duplass He was 46, now 50 years old as Malcolm
William B. Davis He was 81, now 85 years old as Father Grant
Greg Kinnear He was 56, now 60 years old as Phil
Nicole Oliver She was 49, now 53 years old as Rosemary
Rukiya Bernard She was 36, now 40 years old as Nora
Bradley Whitford He was 59, now 64 years old as Michael Fisk
Emily Mortimer She was 47, now 52 years old as Alicia
Taylor Schilling She was 34, now 39 years old as Sam
Peter Bryant He was 95, 82 years old when he died as Cop
Kirby Morrow He was 45, now 50 years old as Childhood Friend
Alex Trebek He was 78, now 83 years old as Alex Trebek
Kurt Fuller He was 65, now 70 years old as Jerome
Christina Jastrzembska She was 71, now 75 years old as Mrs. Konwiser
Sarah Dugdale She was 24, now 28 years old as Kara Fisk

Phil Crew

Name Department
Mary Vernieu as Casting. Production
Sandy Stern as Producer. Production
David Rosenbloom as Editor. He was 19 (now 23) years old Editing
Stephen Mazur as Writer. Writing
Rolfe Kent as Original Music Composer. He was 56 (now 60) years old Sound
Lorraine Carson as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Tink as Production Design. She was 49 (now 54) years old Art
Ron McLeod as Executive Producer. He was 100 (84) years old when He died Production
Greg Kinnear as Director. He was 56 (now 60) years old Directing
Aaron L. Gilbert as Producer. Production
Phil poster
Phil (4 years)

He went looking for answers in someone else’s life

  • Release day: Friday, July 05, 2019
  • Runtime: 106 minutes