Pastorela 11 years old


Agent Jesus Juarez (aka Chucho) has always played the Devil in his town's Nativity Play. This Christmas, when the new pastor of the church recasts the role, the two men engage in a battle between good and evil.


Pastorela Cast

Name Character
Ana Serradilla She was 33, now 44 years old as Monjita
Carlos Cobos He was 52, 53 years old when he died as Padre Edmundo Posadas
Héctor Jiménez He was 37, now 49 years old as Muchacho Poseido
Dagoberto Gama He was 51, now 63 years old as Comandante
Silverio Palacios He was 44, now 56 years old as Dr. Godinez
Joaquín Cosío He was 49, now 61 years old as Agente Jesús "Chucho" Juárez
Eduardo España He was 40, now 51 years old as Compadre Vulmaro Villafuerte
Omar Ayala as Agente 1
Eduardo Manzano He was 71, now 82 years old as Cardenal
José Sefami as Tuerto
María Aura She was 29, now 40 years old as Reportera

Pastorela Crew

Name Department
Emilio Portes as Director. Directing
Pastorela poster
Pastorela (11 years)

  • Release day: Friday, November 11, 2011
  • Runtime: 88 minutes