Out There 26 years old

Out There

A Pulitzer Prize winning photographer is fired from his job for not being sensationalistic enough. After he purchases an old camera at a yard sale, he discovers some undeveloped film in it, including photos of an apparent alien abduction. When he goes public with the photos, he garners the attention of his former boss, the government and a woman who thinks her father was the abductee.


Out There Cast

Name Character
Julie Brown She was 37, now 63 years old as Joleen
Jennifer Connelly She was 24, now 51 years old as Woman in Grocery Line (uncredited)
Leslie Bevis She was 38, now 64 years old as Deputy
Cindy Morgan She was 41, now 67 years old as Judith Daws
Carel Struycken He was 47, now 73 years old as Mr. Burke
Bill Cobbs He was 61, now 87 years old as Lyman Weeks
Tom Kenny He was 33, now 59 years old as Man in Lobby
Bobcat Goldthwait He was 33, now 59 years old as Cobb
Billy Campbell He was 36, now 62 years old as Delbert Mosley
Rod Steiger He was 70, 77 years old when he died as Col. Buck Gunner
Paul Dooley He was 67, now 93 years old as Emmett Davis
June Lockhart She was 70, now 96 years old as Donna
David Rasche He was 51, now 77 years old as Emmett Davis
Jill St. John She was 55, now 81 years old as Bunny Wells
Wendy Schaal She was 41, now 67 years old as Paige Davis
Robert Picardo He was 42, now 68 years old as Walter Danverstein (uncredited)
P. J. Soles She was 45, now 71 years old as Religious Nut

Out There Crew

Name Department
Sam Irvin as Director. He was 39 (now 65) years old Directing
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Out There (26 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, November 19, 1995
  • Runtime: 98 minutes