Out Cold 34 years old

They may be murderers, but they mean well.

Out Cold

Sunny is married to the butcher, Ernie, and their marriage is about to end as both of them have affairs. Thus Sunny hires Lester Atlas as private investigator in order to collect proof for the divorce. One evening drunken Ernie and his partner Dave have a fight in the butcher shop with Ernie getting knocked out in the fridge where he dies during the night. But it was not Dave's fault but intentional murder by Sunny. Only Lester has proof so Sunny kills him, too. Thus she only has to kill Dave to get rid of all witnesses, but he can free himself out of the fridge and wants to take revenge.


Out Cold Cast

Name Character
John Lithgow He was 43, now 77 years old as Dave
Bruce McGill He was 38, now 73 years old as Ernie
Teri Garr She was 44, now 78 years old as Sunny
Barbara Rhoades She was 41, now 76 years old as Mrs. Hollander
Lisa Blount She was 31, 53 years old when she died as Phyllis
Larry Miller He was 35, now 69 years old as Plumber #2
Debra Lamb She was 25, now 59 years old as Panetti's Dancer
Fran Ryan She was 72, 83 years old when she died as Arlene
Robert Schenkkan He was 35, now 70 years old as Sgt. Roberts
Madison Arnold She was 53, now 87 years old as Plumber #1
Alan Blumenfeld He was 36, now 71 years old as Lew
Randy Quaid He was 38, now 72 years old as Lester
Marvin J. McIntyre He was 41, now 75 years old as Hunter #2
Ada Maris She was 31, now 66 years old as Customer #1
Carole Goldman as Mrs. Colby
John Wesley He was 285, 87 years old when he died as Cop #2
Frederick Coffin He was 46, 60 years old when he died as Sgt. Haroldson
Morgan Paull He was 44, 67 years old when he died as Hunter #1
Thomas Byrd He was 28, now 63 years old as Mr. Holstrom
James Lashly as Cop #1

Out Cold Crew

Name Department
Derek Gibson as Executive Producer. He was 43 (now 78) years old Production
John Daly as Executive Producer. He was 22 (42) years old when He died Production
Lisa Fischer as Art Direction. She was 30 (now 64) years old Art
Malcolm Mowbray as Director. He was 40 (now 74) years old Directing
Linda M. Bass as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Michel Colombier as Music. He was 49 (65) years old when He died Sound
Nan Dutton as Casting. Production
George G. Braunstein as Producer. Production
Tony Pierce-Roberts as Director of Photography. He was 44 (now 78) years old Camera
George Malko as Screenplay. Writing
Linda Pearl as Production Design. Art
Dennis M. Hill as Editor. Editing
Leonard Glasser as Story. He was 88 (now 122) years old Writing
Leonard Glasser as Screenplay. He was 88 (now 122) years old Writing
Benita Brazier as Script Supervisor. Directing
Out Cold poster
Out Cold (34 years)

They may be murderers, but they mean well.

  • Release day: Friday, March 03, 1989
  • Runtime: 88 minutes