Operation Dalmatian: The Big Adventure 24 years old

What do you get when you cross a cute rambunctious girl, a nutty professor, a mischievous medicine man and a colorful dalmatian with a stuffy dog show... pure puppy pandemonium! Travels back in time with Grandma Julietta to her humble childhood, when she found her beloved Dalmatian, Baskerville. Join the outrageous cast of characters on this great big adventure!


All Cast

Name Character
Kurt Sinclair as Justin's father
Dee Hengstler as Juliette's mother
Nick Lashaway He was 8, 28 years old when he died as Justin


Name Department
Michael Paul Girard as Director. Directing
Michael Paul Girard as Music. Sound
Michael Paul Girard as Writer. Writing
Operation Dalmatian: The Big Adventure (24 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, January 01, 1997