Only When I Laugh 42 years old

It'll make you laugh...'til you cry.

Only When I Laugh

A boozy Broadway actress comes out of a 12-week cure to face the problems of her best friends as well as her needy daughter. She tries to balance the terrors of returning to work with the demands of all around her with humor and insight, while staying off the booze.


Only When I Laugh Cast

Name Character
Kevin Bacon He was 23, now 65 years old as Don
Guy Boyd He was 38, now 80 years old as Boxing Fan in Bar
David Dukes He was 36, 55 years old when he died as David
Marsha Mason She was 39, now 81 years old as Georgia
John Bennett Perry He was 40, now 82 years old as Lou
Kristy McNichol She was 19, now 61 years old as Polly
Dan Monahan He was 26, now 68 years old as Jason
James Coco He was 51, 56 years old when he died as Jimmy
Joan Hackett She was 47, 49 years old when she died as Toby
John Vargas He was 22, now 64 years old as Manuel

Only When I Laugh Crew

Name Department
David M. Walsh as Director of Photography. He was 50 (now 92) years old Camera
Glenn A. Jordan as Director. He was 45 (now 87) years old Directing
Ann Roth as Costume Design. She was 49 (now 91) years old Costume & Make-Up
Neil Simon as Writer. He was 54 (91) years old when He died Writing
Only When I Laugh poster
Only When I Laugh (42 years)

It'll make you laugh...'til you cry.

  • Release day: Friday, September 25, 1981
  • Runtime: 120 minutes