Oats Studios: Volume 1 2 years old

Oats Studios: Volume 1

A compilation of shorts, diverse experimental content and more weird stuff spread directly from the devious mind of the South African film director Neill Blomkamp.


Steve Boyle
Steve Boyle

Sgt. Hines

Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning


Carly Pope
Carly Pope

Sarah / Karyn

All Cast

Name Character
Dakota Fanning She was 24, now 27 years old as Barkley
Sigourney Weaver She was 68, now 71 years old as Jasper
Jose Pablo Cantillo He was 39, now 41 years old as Quinn
Carly Pope She was 37, now 40 years old as Sarah / Karyn
Viv Leacock He was 44, now 46 years old as Bold Traption
Robert Hobbs He was 46, now 49 years old as Carl / Sgt. Carr
Sharlto Copley He was 44, now 47 years old as God
Jason Cope He was 18, now 21 years old as Adam
Tyler Johnston He was 31, now 33 years old as Sgt. Bracken
Pat Mastroianni He was 46, now 49 years old as Dr. Bonham
Steve Boyle He was 64, now 67 years old as Sgt. Hines
Chris William Martin He was 43, now 46 years old as Maj. Brickerson
Alec Gillis He was 18, now 21 years old as Militia #1 / Bill
Nic Rhind as Jacob Palmer
Brandon Auret He was 45, now 48 years old as Nosh
Michael Huff He was 35, now 37 years old as Politician


Name Department
Terri Tatchell as Writer. She was 40 (now 43) years old Writing
Neill Blomkamp as Director. He was 38 (now 41) years old Directing
Oats Studios: Volume 1 poster
Oats Studios: Volume 1 (2 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, June 28, 2018
  • Runtime: 97 minutes