No Hard Feelings 45 years old

This short feature, an early directing credit for Alan Parker, shows the reality of life during the WWII air raids with none of the traditional 'Blitz spirit' so often portrayed. Eric spends the nights crammed into a brick shelter with his dad, sister and her screaming kids, and every bombardment brings tears over the loss of his mother in an earlier raid. When he learns his sweetheart is to be evacuated, he finally buckles under the stress.


No Hard Feelings Cast

Name Character
Mary Larkin as Emmy
Roy Evans He was 27, now 73 years old as soldier
Joe Gladwin He was 70, 81 years old when he died as Mr Etheridge
Elizabeth Bradley She was 54, 78 years old when she died
Tina Martin She was 12, now 57 years old as giggler
Kate Williams She was 9, now 54 years old as Elsie

No Hard Feelings Crew

Name Department
Brian Morris as Art Direction. He was 37 (now 82) years old Art
Alan Marshall as Producer. He was 37 (now 83) years old Production
Gerry Hambling as Editor. He was 49 (86) years old when He died Editing
Mary Hillman as Makeup Artist. Costume & Make-Up
John Stanier as Camera Operator. He was 7 (now 53) years old Camera
Ray Corbett as Assistant Director. He was 36 (now 81) years old Directing
Ray Corbett as Unit Manager. He was 36 (now 81) years old Production
No Hard Feelings poster
No Hard Feelings (45 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, June 13, 1976
  • Runtime: 55 minutes