Nitro Circus: The Movie 9 years old

Nitro Circus: The Movie

You will see Travis Pastrana and the whole Nitro Circus crew perform some of the most ridiculous, awe-inspiring, and simply insane stunts ever caught on camera. Coming to you in three dimensional glory, it will feel like you are there sitting shotgun with the crew.


Nitro Circus: The Movie Cast

Name Character
Jolene Van Vugt She was 31, now 41 years old as Herself
Travis Pastrana He was 28, now 38 years old as Himself
Jeremy Rawle as Himself
Jim DeChamp He was 31, now 41 years old as Himself
Erik Roner He was 35, 38 years old when he died as Himself
Greg Powell He was 58, now 68 years old as Himself
Tommy Passemante as Himself
Gregg Godfrey He was 43, now 53 years old as Himself

Nitro Circus: The Movie Crew

Name Department
Jeremy Rawle as Director. Directing
Jeremy Rawle as Writer. Writing
Travis Pastrana as Writer. He was 28 (now 38) years old Writing
Gregg Godfrey as Director. He was 43 (now 53) years old Directing
Gregg Godfrey as Producer. He was 43 (now 53) years old Production
Gregg Godfrey as Writer. He was 43 (now 53) years old Writing
Bill Gerber as Executive Producer. He was 55 (now 65) years old Production
Donny Anderson as Cinematography. He was 69 (now 79) years old Crew
David F. Brooks as Executive Producer. Production
Seth Torok as Editor. Editing
Nitro Circus: The Movie poster
Nitro Circus: The Movie (9 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, August 08, 2012
  • Runtime: 92 minutes
  • Revenue: 3903479.00