Nightslave 34 years old

Nightmare or Reality, She Can’t Escape the Terror.


Enter the bizarre world of Thraxton Hall, where Jarvis, Lord of the Manor, indulges in his wildest, darkest fantasies! Part torture chamber, part Turkish bath, part homicidal nightmare, this ramshackle monstrosity is actually his imaginary creation, his escape from a dead-end existence, fueled by his passion for silent horror films. But maybe his fantasies are real… this passive video geek turns out to be a bit more then we bargained for! And to this crazy mix a beautiful, buxom blond, scantily clad in black lace and garter belt, who is terrorizes by Jarvis, and Nightslave explodes into reality with terrifying results. A black comedy with an edge, this is one-of-a-kind thriller takes you on a sexy horror ride you don’t want to miss.


Nightslave Cast

Name Character
Claudia Udy She was 28, now 62 years old as Norma

Nightslave Crew

Name Department
Paul Carlin as Editor. He was 20 (now 54) years old Editing
Paul Carlin as Writer. He was 20 (now 54) years old Writing
Nightslave poster
Nightslave (34 years)

Nightmare or Reality, She Can’t Escape the Terror.

  • Release day: Monday, October 31, 1988
  • Runtime: 81 minutes