Nightmare at the End of the Hall 16 years old

Fear finds a new home.

Courtney Snow, an author with writer's block, still haunted by the suicide of her best friend while they were in prep school, finds herself teaching at the very same school while trying to get back on her feet. She encounters a young student, Laurel, who seems in every way to be the reincarnation of her best friend from years ago. Laurel seems to know things about Courtney that only dead friend would have known. Is she losing her mind or is it all a cruel hoax?


Nightmare at the End of the Hall Cast

Name Character
Christine Willes She was 8, now 24 years old as Robin
Sara Rue She was 29, now 45 years old as Courtney
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood She was 21, now 37 years old as Laurel / Jane
Amber Borycki She was 25, now 41 years old as Young Courtney
Keith Martin Gordey as George
Kavan Smith He was 38, now 54 years old as Brett
Greyston Holt He was 22, now 38 years old as Sam
Duncan Regehr He was 55, now 71 years old as Ian
Philip Granger He was 44, now 60 years old as Larry
P. Lynn Johnson as Kay
Paul Hubbard He was 23, now 39 years old as Jim
Christine Danielle She was 24, now 40 years old as Emory
Jennifer Clement She was 48, now 64 years old as Gina
Sebastian Gacki He was 23, now 39 years old as Young Brett

Nightmare at the End of the Hall Crew

Name Department
Clinton Shorter as Original Music Composer. He was 37 (now 53) years old Sound
George Mendeluk as Director. He was 60 (now 76) years old Directing
Judy Lee as Casting. Production
James Hazell as Production Design. Art
Laura Toplass as Casting. She was 26 (now 42) years old Production
Nightmare at the End of the Hall poster
Nightmare at the End of the Hall (16 years)

Fear finds a new home.

  • Release day: Sunday, June 22, 2008
  • Runtime: 85 minutes