Nelson Sullivan 34 years old

Nelson Sullivan, a videographer in Manhattan circa 1983 to 1989, documented a large chunk of the final six years of his life, capturing his days and nights with drag queens and other NYC outcasts of the time. His style takes on a "home movie quality" that captures a lost - and now romanticized - American era in all of its mundane glory.


Nelson Sullivan Cast

Name Character
Sylvia Miles She was 64, 94 years old when she died
RuPaul He was 28, now 63 years old
Andy Warhol He was 60, 58 years old when he died
Holly Woodlawn She was 42, 69 years old when she died
Michael Musto He was 33, now 68 years old
Lady Bunny She was 26, now 61 years old
James St. James He was 22, now 57 years old

Nelson Sullivan Crew

Name Department
Nelson Sullivan poster
Nelson Sullivan (34 years)

  • Release day: Monday, July 03, 1989
  • Runtime: 156 minutes