Nameless Stars (이름없는 별들) 63 years old

Nameless Stars recounts the history of Korean students' struggles against Japanese occupation by focusing on the Gwangju Student Independence Movement of 1929. The son of a freedom fighter, Sang-hun (Hwang Hae-nam) is a member of an anti-Japanese resistance group called "Seongjinhoe," composed of students who share a dedication to the cause of liberation. Their spiritual guide is a teacher named Song Un-in. One day, Yeong-ae (Cho Mi-ryeong), whose brother is a detective in the Japanese police force charged with monitoring independence movements, joins their group. Followinga series of sporadic incidents, the students gather one night to resolve on an uprising, but are discovered by the police. Young-ae is wrongfully accused of betraying their plans, but she risks her life in order to allow the group members to escape. The morning after, the students of Gwangju rise up against the Japanese government.

Nameless Stars poster
Nameless Stars (63 years)

  • Release day: Friday, October 30, 1959
  • Runtime: 106 minutes