My Name Is Kate 29 years old

Kate (Donna Mills) is an alcoholic--and, as is often the case, she is in full denial regarding her illness. Only when she is threatened with mass desertion by her husband, children and best friend does the sullen Kate agree to seek out treatment.


My Name Is Kate Cast

Name Character
Eileen Brennan She was 61, 80 years old when she died as Barbara Mannix
Daniel J. Travanti He was 53, now 83 years old as Hal Bannister
Donna Mills She was 53, now 82 years old as Kate
Stephen E. Miller He was 47, now 76 years old as Intake Counselor
Kevin McNulty He was 38, now 67 years old as Lecturer
Merrilyn Gann She was 31, now 60 years old as Janet
Nia Peeples She was 32, now 61 years old as Annie
Linda Darlow She was 5, now 23 years old as Suzanne Cobb
Hiro Kanagawa He was 30, now 59 years old as Doctor
Babs Chula She was 46, 63 years old when she died as Nora
Deanna Milligan She was 22, now 51 years old as Carrie
Randi Lynne as Lisa
Jenn Griffin as Teddi
Tara Frederick as Jill
Maxine Miller She was 44, now 73 years old as Doreen
Jaye Gazeley as Greg

My Name Is Kate Crew

Name Department
George Eckstein as Writer. He was 65 (81) years old when He died Writing
Harold Lee Tichenor as Producer. He was 48 (now 77) years old Production
Eric Norlin as Art Direction. Art
Charles Porlier as Makeup Artist. He was 33 (now 62) years old Costume & Make-Up
David Connell as Director of Photography. He was 5 (13) years old when He died Camera
Debra McGuire as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Richard Bracken as Editor. Editing
Charles Bernstein as Original Music Composer. He was 50 (now 80) years old Sound
Rod Hardy as Director. He was 45 (now 74) years old Directing
Christine Mooney as Costume Design. She was 41 (56) years old when She died Costume & Make-Up
Riccardo Freda as Set Decoration. He was 84 (90) years old when He died Art
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My Name Is Kate (29 years)

  • Release day: Monday, January 24, 1994
  • Runtime: 100 minutes