My Little Assassin 21 years old

He wanted Cuba. She wanted his heart. Her government wanted him dead.

1981: Marita Lorenz checks into an Havana hotel and, in a flashback, remembers 22 years' before. At 19, visiting Cuba from New York, she comes to the attention of Fidel Castro, the country's rebel president. He invites her to be his secretary and to be part of the making of the new Cuba. She accepts, but soon learns he already has a capable secretary; Marita's duties lie elsewhere. She becomes pregnant. She's also come to the attention of the FBI and the CIA, so when she wakes up in a US hospital after what may have been a botched abortion against her will in Cuba, her government presses her into service as an assassin: her job, to go back to Cuba and kill her former lover.


Glenn Morshower
Glenn Morshower

Agent Larrigoy

Gabrielle Anwar
Gabrielle Anwar

Marita Lorenz

Scott Paulin
Scott Paulin

Stewart Allen

Jill Clayburgh
Jill Clayburgh

Alice Lorenz

All Cast

Name Character
Robert Davi He was 46, now 68 years old as Frank Sturgis
Joe Mantegna He was 51, now 73 years old as Fidel Castro
Gabrielle Anwar She was 29, now 51 years old as Marita Lorenz
Glenn Morshower He was 40, now 62 years old as Agent Larrigoy
Dean Norris He was 36, now 58 years old
Jill Clayburgh She was 55, 66 years old when she died as Alice Lorenz
Reiner Schöne He was 57, now 79 years old
Tony Plana He was 47, now 69 years old
Scott Paulin He was 49, now 71 years old as Stewart Allen
Geoffrey Rivas
Mike Moroff He was 37, now 59 years old
Ada Maris She was 42, now 64 years old as Celia Sánchez Manduley
John Verea


Name Department
Howard Korder as Story. He was 41 (now 63) years old Writing
Howard Korder as Teleplay. He was 41 (now 63) years old Writing
Jack Bender as Director. He was 50 (now 71) years old Directing
My Little Assassin (21 years)

He wanted Cuba. She wanted his heart. Her government wanted him dead.

  • Release day: Monday, October 11, 1999
  • Runtime: 92 minutes