Movieland Magic 76 years old

Movieland Magic

Released as part of a series of WB shorts under the collective title of "Technicolor Specials" (WB production number 2003) this short most likely holds the WB house record for a 20-minute film containing footage from the most different titles in their inventory. It's theme of a singing guided tour of the lot (and some of the footage) is from 1944's "Musical Movieland", the former title holder, and it contains clips from 1939's "Quiet, Please" and "Royal Rodeo"; "Sunday Roundup" from 1936 and 1940's "The Singing Dude." Pieces from "Out Where the Stars Begin" and "Swingtime in the Movies" may also be used, but it's hard to tell since they all tend to run together and show up in a lot of places during the 1940's Warner shorts. Its title of "Movieland Magic" is most apt considering the sleight-of-hand performed by the WB Shorts and Sales departments in once again selling the same film clips for the 3rd, 4th or more times.


Movieland Magic Cast

Name Character
Anne Shirley She was 27, 75 years old when she died
Fuzzy Knight He was 44, 74 years old when he died
John Payne He was 33, 77 years old when he died
Jane Wyman She was 29, 90 years old when she died
Dick Foran He was 35, 69 years old when he died
Fritz Feld He was 45, 93 years old when he died
Mel Tormé He was 20, 73 years old when he died
Leo White He was 63, 65 years old when he died
Kathryn Kane
Scotty Beckett He was 16, 38 years old when he died

Movieland Magic Crew

Name Department
James V. Kern as Director. He was 36 (57) years old when He died Directing
Louis Hesse as Editor. He was 46 (90) years old when He died Editing
Movieland Magic poster
Movieland Magic (76 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, March 09, 1946
  • Runtime: 17 minutes