Motocrossed 20 years old


Motocrossed! is a 2001 Disney Channel Original Movie (based on the Shakespeare play Twelfth Night), about a girl named Andrea Carson who loves motocross, despite the fact that her father finds her unsuited for the sport, being that she is "just a girl". When her twin brother Andrew breaks his leg just before a big race, their father is forced to go to Europe to find a replacement rider. In the meantime, Andrea secretly races in Andrew's place with her mother's help.


Riley Smith
Riley Smith

Dean Talon

Timothy Carhart
Timothy Carhart

Edward Carson

Mary-Margaret Humes
Mary-Margaret Humes

Geneva Carson

Scott Terra
Scott Terra

Jason Carson

Alana Austin
Alana Austin

Andrea 'Andi' Carson

Trever O'Brien
Trever O'Brien

Andrew Carson

Motocrossed Cast

Name Character
Timothy Carhart He was 47, now 67 years old as Edward Carson
Scott Terra He was 13, now 34 years old as Jason Carson
Trever O'Brien He was 17, now 37 years old as Andrew Carson
Riley Smith He was 22, now 43 years old as Dean Talon
Mary-Margaret Humes She was 46, now 67 years old as Geneva Carson
Alana Austin She was 18, now 39 years old as Andrea 'Andi' Carson
Michael Cunio as Rene Cartier

Motocrossed Crew

Name Department
John W. Hyde as Executive Producer. He was 59 (now 80) years old Production
Steve Boyum as Director. He was 48 (now 69) years old Directing
Ann Knapp as Writer. Writing
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Motocrossed (20 years)

  • Release day: Friday, February 16, 2001
  • Runtime: 91 minutes