Morelos 10 years old


The final years of Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon (1812-1815), leader in the Mexican war for independence who, after outsmarting Calleja´s blocade in Cuautla, reorganized his troops and took the city of Oaxaca. However, with more than half the territory of Mexico in his hands, Morelos was determined to take the port of Acapulco while the royalist troops gained ground. It shows the relationship of Morelos with his lieutenants, his efforts to create institutions of his own and a disciplined army to confront the royalist troops. The film captures the two inseparable facets of the life of this Mexican hero: his contradictions and his passions.


Morelos Cast

Name Character
Raúl Méndez He was 37, now 47 years old
José María Yazpik He was 42, now 52 years old
Stephanie Sigman She was 25, now 35 years old
Juan Ignacio Aranda He was 50, now 60 years old
Dagoberto Gama He was 52, now 63 years old
Jorge Poza He was 35, now 45 years old
Gustavo Sánchez Parra He was 46, now 56 years old
Andrés Montiel He was 37, now 48 years old

Morelos Crew

Name Department
Antonio Serrano as Director. He was 57 (now 67) years old Directing
Antonio Serrano as Screenplay. He was 57 (now 67) years old Writing
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Morelos (10 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, November 15, 2012
  • Runtime: 105 minutes