Mitchell 48 years old

Brute Force With a Badge


A tough-guy cop (Joe Don Baker) pursues two drug runners (Martin Balsam, John Saxon) across the city to bust a large syndicate. Very much an anti-hero, Mitchell often ignores the orders of his superiors and demonstrates disdain for by-the-book development work as well as normal social graces. The film also stars John Saxon and Martin Balsam as the banking criminals Mitchell pursues and Linda Evans and Merlin Olsen in supporting roles as a prostitute and henchman, respectively. Mitchell was re-released by Lorimar Productions in the 1980s.


Mitchell Cast

Name Character
Linda Evans She was 32, now 81 years old as Greta Adams
Joe Don Baker He was 39, now 87 years old as Mitchell
John Saxon He was 40, now 88 years old as Walter Deaney
Martin Balsam He was 55, 76 years old when he died as James Arthur Cummings
Harold J. Stone He was 62, 92 years old when he died as Tony Gallano
Merlin Olsen He was 34, 69 years old when he died as Benton
Morgan Paull He was 30, 67 years old when he died as Salvatore Mistretta
Alan Gibbs He was 36, 49 years old when he died as Mustang Hood

Mitchell Crew

Name Department
Harry Stradling, Jr. as Director of Photography. He was 50 (92) years old when He died Camera
Fred A. Chulack as Editor. Editing
Andrew V. McLaglen as Director. He was 55 (94) years old when He died Directing
Jerry Ziesmer as Assistant Director. He was 36 (now 84) years old Directing
Benjamin Melniker as Executive Producer. He was 62 (104) years old when He died Production
R. Ben Efraim as Producer. Production
Mitchell poster
Mitchell (48 years)

Brute Force With a Badge

  • Release day: Wednesday, September 10, 1975
  • Runtime: 97 minutes