Milner 27 years old

Stephen Milner is a solicitor, but he fits uneasily into the world of Lewis Strange and Partners, who are an upmarket firm of solicitors.The film follows Milner's fraught relationship with a lucrative client, Ron Jesson. When one of his offices goes up in flames, the press are convinced that Ron arranged the fire for insurance purposes.Milner also has to cope with an estranged wife, batty mother and debt ridden younger brother.


Milner Cast

Name Character
James Fleet He was 42, now 70 years old as Hugh Bonning
John Hannah He was 32, now 60 years old as Windscreen Washer
Catherine Tate She was 26, now 54 years old as Jesson's P.A.
John Richardson He was 207, 231 years old when he died as Edward
Ronald Pickup He was 54, now 82 years old as Jocelyn Fry
Mel Smith He was 42, 60 years old when he died as Stephen Milner
Ken Hutchison He was 51, now 78 years old as Ronald Jesson
Tom Hollander He was 27, now 54 years old as Ben Milner
David Ryall He was 59, 79 years old when he died as Dave Stiles
Badi Uzzaman He was 55, 72 years old when he died as Ajit Rao
Terence Harvey He was 50, 72 years old when he died as Charles Snaith
Nicola Walker She was 24, now 52 years old as Colette Brustein
Deborah Findlay She was 47, now 75 years old as Sylvia Milner
Bill Moody He was 53, 77 years old when he died as Fred Peart
Roger Frost He was 46, now 74 years old as Mr Hipps
Louise Beattie as Elaine Nicholson
Akim Mogaji as Caspar Morgab

Milner Crew

Name Department
Peter Fincham as Story. He was 38 (now 65) years old Writing
John Strickland as Director. Directing
T.R. Bowen as Writer. He was 53 (now 81) years old Writing
Milner (27 years)

  • Release day: Monday, December 19, 1994
  • Runtime: 71 minutes