Mike Bassett: England Manager 22 years old

Mike Bassett: England Manager

After England's football (soccer) manager has a heart attack, Mike Bassett is hired as the new manager and promptly announces the team will win the World Cup.


Mike Bassett: England Manager Cast

Name Character
Ulrich Thomsen He was 37, now 60 years old as Dr. Hans Shoegaarten
Geoff Bell He was 38, now 61 years old as Gary Wackett
Keith Allen He was 48, now 71 years old as Himself
Stephen Walters as Supporter
Ricky Tomlinson He was 62, now 84 years old as Mike Bassett
Angela Curran She was 42, now 65 years old as Margaret
Philip Jackson He was 53, now 76 years old as Lonnie Urquart
Robbie Gee He was 31, now 54 years old as Smallsy
Amanda Redman She was 44, now 66 years old as Karine Bassett
Sean Gilder He was 37, now 60 years old as Journalist
Pelé He was 60, now 83 years old as Himself
Geoffrey Hutchings He was 62, 71 years old when he died as Geoffrey Lightfoot
Phill Jupitus He was 39, now 62 years old as Tommo Thompson
Glen Mulhern as Irish Player
Paul Rattray as Scottish Player
Dean Lennox Kelly He was 25, now 48 years old as Kevin Tonkinson
Ronaldo He was 25, now 47 years old as Himself
Martin Bashir He was 38, now 61 years old as Interviewer
Nigel Lindsay He was 32, now 55 years old as Journalist
Liz McClarnon She was 20, now 43 years old as Herself
Des Hamilton He was 25, now 47 years old as Scottish Player
Natasha Kaplinsky She was 29, now 51 years old as Herself
Jenny Frost She was 23, now 46 years old as Herself
Gabby Logan She was 28, now 51 years old as Herself
Robert Putt He was 57, now 80 years old as Jack Marshall
Malcolm Terris He was 60, now 83 years old as Phil Cope
Mark Burdis He was 33, now 56 years old as Journalist

Mike Bassett: England Manager Crew

Name Department
Colin Green as Editor. He was 59 (now 82) years old Editing
Nina Gold as Casting. She was 34 (now 57) years old Production
Gill Rees as Makeup Artist. Costume & Make-Up
John Reid as Production Design. Art
Mike Eley as Director of Photography. He was 41 (now 64) years old Camera
Antony Genn as Music. He was 30 (now 53) years old Sound
John R. Smith as Writer. He was 55 (now 78) years old Writing
Rob Sprackling as Writer. Writing
Marcos Flaksman as Art Direction. He was 57 (now 80) years old Art
Mike Bassett: England Manager poster
Mike Bassett: England Manager (22 years)

  • Release day: Friday, September 28, 2001
  • Runtime: 89 minutes