Honeymoon (Medeni mjesec) 39 years old

The first soft core porn flick made in former Yugoslavia (today Croatia). It was a huge cause celebre for the participants and equally infamous for its innumerable shortcomings ranging from the lack of coherent plot-line to the most basic elements of film making. However, in time, it has gained a somewhat cult reputation. A priceless insight into an odd culture and its lax sexual mores and follies!


Honeymoon Cast

Name Character
Pavle Vuisić He was 56, 62 years old when he died as Drug Laza
Fabijan Šovagović He was 51, 68 years old when he died as Čika Sima
Zvonko Lepetić He was 54, 62 years old when he died as Džek
Ilija Ivezić He was 56, 89 years old when he died as Nikola, šef policije
Vida Jerman She was 44, 72 years old when she died
Slobodan Milovanović as Marko Bilogora
​Ljubiša Samardžić He was 46, 80 years old when he died as Rajko

Honeymoon Crew

Name Department
Honeymoon poster
Honeymoon (39 years)

  • Release day: Monday, May 30, 1983
  • Runtime: 114 minutes