May 18 (화려한 휴가) 14 years old

May 18

The citizens of Gwangju lead a relatively peaceful life, until one day the military takes over the city, accusing the residents of conspiracy and claiming that they are communist sympathisers preparing a revolution against the current government. Seeing as the soldiers beat defenceless people, mainly students, to death, the citizens are in for retaliation and form a militia.


Ahn Sung-ki
Ahn Sung-ki

Park Heung-soo

Na Moon-hee
Na Moon-hee


Kim Sang-kyung
Kim Sang-kyung

Kang Min-woo

Park Won-sang
Park Won-sang


Park Chul-min
Park Chul-min


Lee Joon-gi
Lee Joon-gi

Kang Jin-woo

All Cast

Name Character
Ahn Sung-ki He was 55, now 69 years old as Park Heung-soo
Kim Sang-kyung He was 35, now 49 years old as Kang Min-woo
Park Won-sang He was 37, now 51 years old as Yong-dae
Lee Yo-won She was 27, now 41 years old as Park Shin-ae
Lee Joon-gi He was 25, now 39 years old as Kang Jin-woo
Park Chul-min He was 40, now 54 years old as In-bong
Na Moon-hee She was 65, now 79 years old as Naju-daek
Jeong In-gi He was 40, now 54 years old as Jin-chul
Song Jae-ho He was 65, now 79 years old as Father Kim


Name Department
Park Sang-yeon as Original Story. He was 35 (now 49) years old Writing
Kim Ji-hoon as Director. He was 10 (now 3) years old Directing
Na Hyun as Screenplay. He was 12 (now 26) years old Writing
May 18 poster
May 18 (14 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, July 25, 2007
  • Runtime: 118 minutes