Matar a Videla 12 years old

Julian plans to leave a legacy to society. The murder of genocidal dictator Jorge Rafael Videla. Result of a violent society, making a decision violent, Julian run huge risks, but the key is to not become the same monster that wants to kill.


Matar a Videla Cast

Name Character
Felipe Colombo He was 26, now 39 years old as Dante
Juan Leyrado He was 57, now 70 years old as Priest
Diego Mesaglio He was 25, now 38 years old as Julián
Ashley Arregui as Camila
Nicolás Condito He was 18, now 31 years old as Salesman
María Fiorentino She was 59, now 72 years old as Julián's mother
Emilia Attías She was 22, now 35 years old as Lucía
Estela de Carlotto as Estela

Matar a Videla Crew

Name Department
Nicolás Capelli as Director. Directing
Matar a Videla poster
Matar a Videla (12 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, January 07, 2010
  • Runtime: 89 minutes