Beyond the Sun (Más allá del sol) 47 years old

Biographic film about the pioneer of argentine aviation Jorge Newbery.


Beyond the Sun Cast

Name Character
Jorge Rivera López He was 41, now 88 years old
María Rosa Gallo She was 50, 79 years old when she died
Alberto Segado He was 30, 66 years old when he died
Germán Kraus He was 31, now 78 years old
Pablo Alarcón He was 28, now 76 years old
Roberto Airaldi He was 72, 75 years old when he died
Miguel Ángel Solá He was 25, now 72 years old
Carlos Olivieri
Maurice Jouvet He was 52, 76 years old when he died

Beyond the Sun Crew

Name Department
Hugo Fregonese as Script. He was 67 (78) years old when He died Crew
Hugo Fregonese as Director. He was 67 (78) years old when He died Directing
Víctor Proncet as Script. Crew
Víctor Proncet as Music. Sound
Beyond the Sun poster
Beyond the Sun (47 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, June 26, 1975
  • Runtime: 110 minutes