Marmaduke 10 years old

Live Large


When Phil and Debbie Winslow relocate from their native Kansas to the sunny climes of Orange County, their big-hearted, havoc-wreaking Great Dane gets a taste of the dog's life, California-style.


Kiefer Sutherland
Kiefer Sutherland

Bosco (voice)

Emma Stone
Emma Stone

Mazie (voice)

Sam Elliott
Sam Elliott

Chupadogra (voice)

Lee Pace
Lee Pace

Phil Winslow

Judy Greer
Judy Greer

Debbie Winslow

William H. Macy
William H. Macy

Don Twombly

All Cast

Name Character
Owen Wilson He was 41, now 52 years old as Marmaduke (voice)
Kiefer Sutherland He was 43, now 54 years old as Bosco (voice)
William H. Macy He was 60, now 70 years old as Don Twombly
Steve Coogan He was 44, now 55 years old as Raisin (voice)
Marlon Wayans He was 37, now 48 years old as Lightning (voice)
Jack McGee He was 61, now 72 years old as Dalmatian (voice)
Sam Elliott He was 65, now 76 years old as Chupadogra (voice)
Fergie She was 35, now 45 years old as Jezebel (voice)
Judy Greer She was 34, now 45 years old as Debbie Winslow
Garvin Cross He was 60, now 71 years old as Fireman
George López He was 110, 92 years old when he died as Carlos (voice)
Liza Lapira She was 28, now 39 years old as Party Dog #1 (voice)
Josh Gad He was 29, now 40 years old as Bandana Dog (voice)
Christopher Mintz-Plasse He was 20, now 31 years old as Giuseppe (voice)
Emma Stone She was 21, now 32 years old as Mazie (voice)
Keith Dallas He was 32, now 42 years old as Emergency Road Worker
Jeffrey Garcia He was 33, now 43 years old as Beach Dog #3 (voice)
Ryan Devlin He was 29, now 40 years old as Beach Dog #2 (voice)
Hope Levy He was 38, now 49 years old as Afghan #1 (voice)
Lee Pace He was 31, now 41 years old as Phil Winslow
Eddie 'Piolin' Sotelo as Purse Dog #3 (voice)
David Walliams He was 38, now 49 years old as Anton Harrison
Heather Doerksen She was 30, now 41 years old as Female Executive
Damon Wayans, Jr. He was 27, now 38 years old as Thunder (voice)
Colin Decker as Fireman
Jason Bryden as Man on Bench
P.J. Prinsloo He was 32, now 43 years old as Lead Fireman
Anjelah Johnson-Reyes She was 28, now 38 years old as Afghan #2 (voice)
Raugi Yu He was 47, now 58 years old as Drama Trainer
Devon Werkheiser He was 19, now 30 years old as Drama Dog #1 / Shroom Dog #2 / Golden Dog / Cocker Spaniel (voice)
Todd Glass He was 45, now 56 years old as Doberman / Shasta (voice)
Chris Colfer He was 20, now 30 years old as Drama Dog #2 (voice)
Madison Desjarlais as Brunette Girl
Finley Jacobsen as Brian Winslow
Nicole Muñoz She was 15, now 26 years old as 3rd OC Girl
Glenn McCuen He was 19, now 30 years old as Bodie


Name Department
John Davis as Producer. He was 459 (55) years old when He died Production
Jeffrey Stott as Executive Producer. Production
Greg Gardiner as Director of Photography. He was 10 (now 21) years old Camera
Derek Dauchy as Executive Producer. Production
Don Zimmerman as Editor. He was 57 (now 68) years old Editing
Karen L. Matthews as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Dave Jordan as Music Supervisor. Sound
Tim Rasmussen as Writer. Writing
Vince Di Meglio as Writer. He was 38 (now 48) years old Writing
Christian Kaplan as Casting. Production
Tom Dey as Director. He was 45 (now 55) years old Directing
Sandy Cochrane as Production Design. She was 107 (64) years old when She died Art
Christopher Lennertz as Original Music Composer. He was 38 (now 49) years old Sound
Marmaduke poster
Marmaduke (10 years)

Live Large

  • Release day: Friday, June 04, 2010
  • Runtime: 87 minutes
  • Budget: 50000000.00
  • Revenue: 83761844.00