Man to Man 16 years old

An epic about anthropologists who hunt and capture pygmies for study back in Europe, in an attempt to illustrate the link between man and ape.


Man to Man Cast

Name Character
Iain Glen He was 43, now 60 years old as Alexander Auchinleck
Hugh Bonneville He was 41, now 58 years old as Fraser McBride
Joseph Fiennes He was 34, now 51 years old as Jamie Dodd
Lomama Boseki as Toko
Kristin Scott Thomas She was 44, now 61 years old as Elena Van Den Ende
Hubert Saint-Macary He was 55, now 72 years old as Comte de Verchemont
Alistair Petrie He was 34, now 51 years old as Beckinsale
Percy Matsemela as Rajiv
Patrick Mofokeng as Zachary
Flora Montgomery She was 31, now 48 years old as Abigail McBride
Sello Motloung as Milos
Mathew Zajac as Hector Duncan
James Ngcobo as Roi Mateke Seko
Peter Egan He was 58, now 75 years old as Gyllenhaal
Theo Landey as Purvis
Ron Donachie He was 48, now 65 years old as Sir Walter Stephenson
Solomon Fietse as Bakaro
William McBain He was 254, 98 years old when he died as Angus
Cécile Bayiha as Likola
Robin Smith as Douglas
John Yule He was 171, 53 years old when he died as Mortuary Official

Man to Man Crew

Name Department
Maria Djurkovic as Production Design. Art
Tatiana Lund as Set Decoration. Art
Celestia Fox as Casting. Production
Izidore Codron as Producer. Production
Laurent Dailland as Director of Photography. He was 49 (now 66) years old Camera
Nick Palmer as Art Direction. He was 55 (now 71) years old Art
Christa Schamberger as Casting. Production
Zack Grobler as Art Direction. Art
Michel Fessler as Author. He was 52 (now 69) years old Writing
Frédéric Fougea as Author. He was 44 (now 60) years old Writing
Alexandra Bouillon as Producer. Production
Farid Lahouassa as Producer. Production
Géraldine Polveroni as Producer. He was 28 (now 45) years old Production
Chris Roland as Producer. Production
Steve Clark-Hall as Producer. Production
Yann Malcor as Editor. Editing
Jane Cecchi as Art Direction. Art
John Hill as Art Direction. Art
Victor Botha as Set Decoration. Art
Régis Wargnier as Director. He was 56 (now 73) years old Directing
Régis Wargnier as Author. He was 56 (now 73) years old Writing
Man to Man poster
Man to Man (16 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, April 13, 2005
  • Runtime: 122 minutes