Loom 10 years old


Tommy, a dogged lab tech of industrial food who, though once known in the business as "The Apostate", seems to have rededicated himself to producing scientifically engineered meat. A film about a dystopian future rife with genetic engineering, corporate corruption of government and rampant infection, is really about Tommy’s loneliness and the at-home experiment he conducts.


Loom Cast

Name Character
Giovanni Ribisi He was 37, now 48 years old as Galvin
Gino Aquino as Tico
Evelyn Edwards She was 89, 53 years old when she died as Psychiatrist (voice)
Erica Piccininni She was 33, now 43 years old as Shelley
Kimi Evans as Newsreader (voice)
Jae Jung as Agent Saville
Patrick Foy as Agent Walton
Jelly Howie She was 25, now 35 years old as Escha
Anthony Rutowicz as Igor

Loom Crew

Name Department
Michael Wilkinson as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Jules Daly as Producer. Production
Jarred Land as Producer. He was 37 (now 47) years old Production
Jason Hellmann as Editor. Editing
Chris Seagers as Production Design. Art
Lisa Fields as Casting. Production
Dariusz Wolski as Cinematography. He was 56 (now 67) years old Crew
Ridley Scott as Executive Producer. He was 74 (now 85) years old Production
Jan Wieringa as Executive Producer. Production
J.J. Perry as Stunt Coordinator. He was 47 (now 58) years old Crew
Colin Smith as Music. He was 28 (now 39) years old Sound
Luke Scott as Director. He was 34 (now 44) years old Directing
Luke Scott as Writer. He was 34 (now 44) years old Writing
Tracie Norfleet as Executive Producer. Production
Jim Jannard as Producer. Production
Simon Elms as Music. Sound
Adam Somner as First Assistant Director. Directing
BJ McDonnell as Camera Operator. Camera
Loom poster
Loom (10 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, August 30, 2012
  • Runtime: 21 minutes