Loins of Punjab Presents 15 years old

A ruthless philantrophist. A bhangra rapper. An over-protected prodigy. A reckless actress. A lovelorn businessman. An entrepreneurial yogi. And a Loin King. Enter a roller-coaster world of seven strangers whose lives collide during a singing contest in a small New Jersey town.


Loins of Punjab Presents Cast

Name Character
Darshan Jariwala He was 49, now 63 years old as Sanjeev Patel
Shabana Azmi She was 57, now 72 years old as Rrita Kapoor
Samrat Chakrabarti He was 33, now 47 years old as Trance Sen (Judge)
Seema Rahmani She was 38, now 52 years old as Sania Rehman
Ayesha Dharker She was 30, now 44 years old as Opama Menon
Michael Raimondi as Josh Cohen
Ajay Naidu He was 36, now 50 years old as Turbanotorious B.D.G.
Kunaal Roy Kapur He was 28, now 42 years old as Mr. White
Kory Bassett as Otto
Ishitta Sharma as Preeti Patel
Manish Acharya He was 41, 43 years old when he died as Vikram Tejwani
Jameel Khan as Mr. Bokade
Loveleen Mishra as Alpa Patel
Avantika Akerkar as Ashwini (Judge)
Sanjiv Jhaveri as Chris G. (Judge)

Loins of Punjab Presents Crew

Name Department
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Loins of Punjab Presents (15 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, January 28, 2007
  • Runtime: 88 minutes