Lobster Man from Mars 32 years old

Lobster Man from Mars

Young film student tries to sell his weird movie to a desperate film producer who is in need of a tax write-off. The producer screens the film "Lobster Man From Mars". What follows is one of the most bizarre and funny film within-a-film send-ups: Mars suffers from an air leakage, and send the dreaded Lobster Man to Earth to steal its air. The plot is foiled by a mad scientist, a girl, and an army colonel. The producer buys the movie, but it makes a huge profit and the producer is sent to jail, with the film student taking his place as the studio hot shot.


Lobster Man from Mars Cast

Name Character
Patrick Macnee He was 66, 93 years old when he died as Professor Plocostomos
Phil Proctor He was 48, now 82 years old as Lou
Diana Frank She was 23, now 57 years old as Vicki the Camper
Tony Curtis He was 63, 85 years old when he died as J.P. Shelldrake
Deborah Foreman She was 26, now 59 years old as Mary
Dean Jacobson He was 36, now 69 years old as Stevie Horowitz
Ava Fabian She was 26, now 60 years old as The Queen of Mars
Billy Barty He was 64, 76 years old when he died as Mr. Throckmorton
Anthony Hickox He was 30, now 63 years old as John
S.D. Nemeth as The Dreaded Lobster Man
Bobby Pickett He was 50, 69 years old when he died as The Astrologer / The King of Mars

Lobster Man from Mars Crew

Name Department
Stanley Sheff as Director. Directing
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Lobster Man from Mars (32 years)

  • Release day: Friday, February 09, 1990
  • Runtime: 84 minutes