Light Fantastic 59 years old

In this romantic drama, a plain, lonely secretary wins three dance lessons. Her handsome instructor tells her that she is quite talented and cons her into signing a long-term contract. She soon finds herself in love with him, and an affair begins. The normally cold-hearted instructor is surprised when he finds himself genuinely returning her affections. Trouble ensues when she dances with another instructor who gives her exactly the same sales pitch.


Light Fantastic Cast

Name Character
Nicolas Coster He was 30, now 89 years old
Jean Shepherd He was 42, 78 years old when he died as Frank
Robert Mandan He was 31, 86 years old when he died

Light Fantastic Crew

Name Department
Albert Brenner as Production Design. He was 37 (now 97) years old Art
Robert Gaffney as Producer. He was 33 (78) years old when He died Production
Robert McCarty as Director. Directing
Robert McCarty as Writer. Writing
J. Burgi Contner as Director of Photography. Camera
Light Fantastic poster
Light Fantastic (59 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, January 01, 1964
  • Runtime: 85 minutes