Let's Get Harry 36 years old

An adventure about the hero in all of us

Let's Get Harry

Harry Burck has been kidnapped by South American terrorists, and when the US Government refuses to intervene, Harry's friends decide to take matters into their own hands!


Let's Get Harry Cast

Name Character
Robert Duvall He was 54, now 92 years old as Norman Shrike
Thomas F. Wilson He was 26, now 63 years old as Bob
Rick Rossovich He was 28, now 65 years old as Kurt Klein
Gary Busey He was 41, now 78 years old as Jack
Mark Harmon He was 34, now 71 years old as Harry Burck Jr.
Matt Clark He was 49, now 86 years old as Walt Clayton
David Hess He was 49, 75 years old when he died as Mercenary
Jerry Hardin He was 56, now 93 years old as Dean Reilly
Ben Johnson He was 67, 77 years old when he died as Harry Burck Sr.
Glenn Frey He was 37, 67 years old when he died as Spence
Michael Schoeffling He was 25, now 62 years old as Corey
Jere Burns He was 31, now 68 years old as Washington Aide

Let's Get Harry Crew

Name Department
Stuart Rosenberg as Director. He was 58 (79) years old when He died Directing
Alan Smithee as Director. Directing
Let's Get Harry poster
Let's Get Harry (36 years)

An adventure about the hero in all of us

  • Release day: Friday, October 31, 1986
  • Runtime: 102 minutes