Want to Stay Alive (Le denier du colt) 33 years old

Four murders in forty-eight hours happen in Nice. The murderer calls himself "The Exterminator" and the police are unable to catch him. Tom Lepski is an insurance detective and he get involved in the investigation when Liza Mendoza, a famous violinist and a friend, is killed just a few minutes before Tom visit her. After another rich woman killing, Tom finds out that all the victims were members of the exclusive Fifty Club. All of them but Lisa.


Want to Stay Alive Cast

Name Character
Gabriele Tinti He was 57, 59 years old when he died as Hampton
Michael Brandon He was 44, now 77 years old as Tom Lepski
Guy Marchand He was 52, now 85 years old as Ottavioni
Catherine Erhardy She was 30, now 63 years old as Liza Mendoza
Jacques Toja He was 61, 67 years old when he died as Perrier
Jean-Paul Muel He was 45, now 78 years old as Walbeck
Micky Sebastian She was 31, now 64 years old as Clementine
Olivia Brunaux She was 28, now 62 years old as Mandy

Want to Stay Alive Crew

Name Department
James Hadley Chase as Book. He was 83 (78) years old when He died Writing
Claude Bolling as Music. He was 59 (now 92) years old Sound
Sergio Gobbi as Producer. He was 51 (now 84) years old Production
Sergio Gobbi as Writer. He was 51 (now 84) years old Writing
Want to Stay Alive poster
Want to Stay Alive (33 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, February 24, 1990
  • Runtime: 82 minutes