Laud Weiner 21 years old

The film follows Laud Weiner, an oblivious, self-satisfied, and spoiled Hollywood manager-producer, as he explains his 'hard' work to the camera while in reality taking credit for other people's ideas and making everyone's life difficult.


Laud Weiner Cast

Name Character
David Hyde Pierce He was 43, now 64 years old as Laud Weiner
Marisol Nichols She was 28, now 49 years old as Laud's Assistant
Jake Muxworthy He was 23, now 45 years old as Kip
James Oliver He was 28, now 49 years old as Production Assistant
Hyla Matthews as Chair wrangler
Mark Aiken as Movie assistant director
Patrick Emerson as Movie director

Laud Weiner Crew

Name Department
Philip Euling as Director. Directing
Philip Euling as Screenplay. Writing
Laud Weiner (21 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, June 06, 2002
  • Runtime: 4 minutes