La fine è nota 29 years old

La fine è nota

A young lawyer returns home and discovers that a man has committed suicide jumping through a window of his house. His wife, Maria, says that she let the unknown man enter because he said the lawyer was the only one who could help him. Bernardo start to investigate about the man and about the reasons of his suicide.


La fine è nota Cast

Name Character
Fabrizio Bentivoglio He was 36, now 66 years old as Bernardo Manni
Corso Salani He was 31, 48 years old when he died as Rosario Cantini
Mariangela Melato She was 51, 71 years old when she died as Elena Malva
Massimo Wertmüller He was 36, now 66 years old as Carlo Piane
Carlo Cecchi He was 54, now 84 years old as il Cervello
Daria Nicolodi She was 42, now 72 years old as Avv. Mila
Valeria Milillo She was 26, now 56 years old as Archivista
Valérie Kaprisky She was 30, now 60 years old as Maria Manni
Carmen Giardina as Segretaria di Bernardo
Valeria Moriconi She was 61, 73 years old when she died as Elvira Delogu

La fine è nota Crew

Name Department
Cristina Comencini as Director. She was 36 (now 66) years old Directing
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La fine è nota (29 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, February 10, 1993
  • Runtime: 97 minutes