A Brother’s Love (La femme de mon frère) 2 years old

A Brother’s Love

Sophia, a brilliant doctoral student, has always maintained a symbiotic relationship with her brother Karim. The arrival of a new lover in Karim’s life significantly alters their dynamic.


A Brother’s Love Cast

Name Character
Sasson Gabai He was 71, now 73 years old
Marie Brassard She was 60, now 62 years old
Jocelyne Zucco
Micheline Bernard She was 64, now 66 years old as Lucie
Niels Schneider He was 31, now 34 years old
Patrick Hivon He was 43, now 46 years old as Karim
Evelyne Brochu She was 36, now 38 years old as Eloïse
Anne-Élisabeth Bossé She was 34, now 37 years old as Sophia
Magalie Lépine-Blondeau She was 36, now 39 years old as Anabelle Lajoie
Paul Savoie He was 73, now 75 years old
Carmen Sylvestre
Kimberly Laferriere She was 36, now 38 years old

A Brother’s Love Crew

Name Department
Josée Deshaies as Cinematography. Crew
François Grenon as Sound. Sound
Monia Chokri as Set Designer. She was 35 (now 38) years old Art
Monia Chokri as Director. She was 35 (now 38) years old Directing
Monia Chokri as Editor. She was 35 (now 38) years old Editing
Monia Chokri as Executive Producer. She was 35 (now 38) years old Production
Monia Chokri as Writer. She was 35 (now 38) years old Writing
Sylvain Corbeil as Producer. Production
Nancy Grant as Producer. She was 19 (now 21) years old Production
A Brother’s Love poster
A Brother’s Love (2 years)

  • Release day: Friday, June 07, 2019
  • Runtime: 117 minutes