Kushti 14 years old

The film Kushti is the story of a small village in Northern India where wrestling is a popular sport and an important wrestling match is held every year. Ever year rivals Avtar Singh (Sharat Saxena) and Jiten Singh (Om Puri) try to beat each other in the wrestling match and gain the trusteeship of the village. Rama (Rajpal Yadav) plays the role of a village simpleton and a post-master. It filled with misunderstandings and misconceptions, of hidden identities and secret love-affairs and the outcome is simply hilarious. The movie begins to take a turn when a certain someone delivers a secret package in the wrong hands. Especially someone, who is bound to take advantage and manipulate the real owner of the package.


Kushti Cast

Name Character
Rajpal Yadav He was 39, now 53 years old as Chander
Irrfan Khan He was 43, now 57 years old
Om Puri He was 59, 66 years old when he died
Asrani He was 69, now 83 years old
Razak Khan He was 59, 65 years old when he died
Dalip Singh Rana He was 37, now 51 years old
Nargis Bagheri as Laadli
Asif Basra He was 42, now 56 years old
Jagadish He was 55, now 70 years old as Puncher Pappu
Mohan Joshi He was 64, now 78 years old
Sharat Saxena He was 59, now 73 years old

Kushti Crew

Name Department
T. K. Rajeev Kumar as Director. He was 48 (now 62) years old Directing
Kushti poster
Kushti (14 years)

  • Release day: Friday, May 14, 2010
  • Runtime: 121 minutes