Krakatoa: The Last Days 16 years old

Krakatoa: The Last Days

A historical drama documentary depicting the eruption of Krakatoa volcano in 1883. The volcano was located in the Sunda strait in Indonesia and its eruption resulted in tsunami, rains of coals and ash, and ended with a very hot tsunami. The eruption killed more than 36,000 people and those survived were left with burns.


Krakatoa: The Last Days Cast

Name Character
Rupert Penry-Jones He was 35, now 51 years old as Willem Beijerinck
Olivia Williams She was 37, now 53 years old as Johanna Beijerinck
David Dennis as Karim
Lee-Ann Van Rooi as Babu
Kevin McMonagle as Rogier Verbeek
Ramon Tikaram He was 39, now 55 years old as Tokaya

Krakatoa: The Last Days Crew

Name Department
Tim Atack as Music. He was 47 (now 63) years old Sound
Giulio Biccari as Director of Photography. Camera
Victoria Boydell as Editor. Editing
Sam Miller as Director. He was 43 (56) years old when He died Directing
Michael Olmert as Writer. He was 66 (now 82) years old Writing
Colin Heber-Percy as Writer. Writing
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Krakatoa: The Last Days (16 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, June 11, 2006
  • Runtime: 87 minutes