Knock Knock 8 years old

Val and her friends play a game that allows them to communicate with the dead. The Knock Knock Game turns any doorway into a portal to the hereafter, but the girls soon learn that are rules that should never be broken.


Knock Knock Cast

Name Character
Danielle Savre She was 26, now 34 years old as Jamie
Galadriel Stineman She was 23, now 31 years old as Hanna

Knock Knock Crew

Name Department
Jeff Betancourt as Director. He was 44 (now 52) years old Directing
Jeff Betancourt as Editor. He was 44 (now 52) years old Editing
Jeff Betancourt as Producer. He was 44 (now 52) years old Production
Jeff Betancourt as Writer. He was 44 (now 52) years old Writing
François-Eudes Chanfrault as Music. He was 39 (41) years old when He died Sound
Knock Knock poster
Knock Knock (8 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, October 01, 2014
  • Runtime: 13 minutes